Manufacturing software for small business

The worlds fastest, visual-tool that helps workshops and small manufacturers manage all their business needs with one tool.

Run your small manufacturing business with a fast, visual system management system you can access from anywhere.

Access anywhere

Access Tudodesk anytime with just an internet connection. Stay in sync with your manufacturing business from anywhere. It's the worry-less, stress-free way to run any business.

All in one place software

Manage your factory in one place. Tudodesk handles leads, customers, creating estimates, online approval, billing, payment, job orders and shipping. All in real-time.

Secure and fast

Tudodesk WAF, DDoS protection, and SSL defend business owners and their customers from all types of online threats. Our global CDN provides lightning performance.

Visual job shop management software that's forever free

Explore the tools that put our manufacturing software above the competition

Integrated messaging

Take your inquiries, customer and project communication to the next level within one platform

Live Chat

Embedded Live Chat connects you, your team and your customers making it easier to discuss jobs and invoices

Automated email

Automated drip emails — From onboarding new customers, following up proposals, chasing invoices and sending job updates

Contact Management

Manage prospective customers with ease — Tudodesk has all the right tools for creating and managing targeted contacts

Cloud storage

Upload client files, photos, CAD drawings and paperwork — Add files as attachments to documents or store in project folders


Tudodesk keeps track of all your files, messages, emails activity and documents — Associating them with customer projects


Visually understand jobs needs at a glance in real-time. Easily check-in jobs online or over the counter


Create and send professional multiple page proposals, quotations and estimates with no effort and stand out


Start sending beautiful professional invoices. With minimal typing, they always look great, are mobile and tablet ready and automatically calculate sales TAX, GST and VAT


Easily request and log deposit payments with professional deposit requests. Accept payment online and convert to invoices when work is completed


Manage order books, jobs in progress. Log job specifications, CAD drawings and photos. Store notes and print work sheets. Notify customers with automated notifications.


Quickly convert invoices, job sheets or proposals into shipping notes and packing sheets. Onboard customers parts and items or send items to customers

Over $3,199,271 in sales have been made by manufacturing shops using our online Proposals worldwide.

Create professional branded proposals, estimates and quotations for your job shop in minutes not hours. Stay one step ahead of the competition and win more jobs.
job shop estimate and proposal software

Saves time and win more orders

Create and send professional multiple page proposals, quotations and estimates with no effort. Impress customers and stand out from the crowd.

Embedded live Chat

Clever. Embedded live-chat makes it easy for customers to share objections, ask questions and for you to close deals. With an easier route to communicate your job shop will be winning more work in no time.

Close Instantly with online digital approval

No more waiting or guessing. Tudodesk makes the whole sales process faster. Your clients can view and approve your proposals in minutes. Using Tudodesk proposal software your customers have a clear route of action and you close jobs 60% faster.

Close more sales with automated follow-ups

It's a fact. Customers need up to 5 follow up's before they order. Following up on proposals is one of the tasks few of us enjoy or make time to do. Tudodesk makes this a totally automated process using professionally written follow-up emails.

Charge the right Sales TAX, VAT or GST.

Easily set-up country, state, product and customer Tax rules.

Save time with pre-saved products and services

Store services, products or variations by size, colour, the weight you name it.

Know when proposals are read and accepted

We notify you the second they open, read and accept your proposal.
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The future of job shop software is online

Martin Webb

CEO, Tudodesk
Our mission is to provide bespoke manufacturing shops with an easy to use solution, with all the tools they need to run small workshops in a more efficient visual way. From anywhere.

The simple, more visual way to manage your order book, production and customer.

Tudodesk solves all your production headaches. Real-time job boards give your team a clear view of what is in hand and what is not while automatically keeping your customers updated and notified.

Manage jobs

Manange your order book and workshop with one real-time job boards. See at a gland what is in progress and what is not.

Share job sheets

Create, print or email professional branded Job sheets. Attach CAD drawings files and photo's with a click.

Automated job updates

Automaticall notify customers when jobs are approved, in production and completed. Share progess photos or CAD drawings with a click.

Stay in sync

No need to reload or refresh Tudodesk's real-time platform keeps your screen updated automatically. From anywhere.

Get paid faster with integrated invoicing and online payments.

Online Invoicing software that helps you create, send and track beautiful invoices, send follow-up reminders and get payment effortlessly online.

Send branded invoices with minimal or no typing

Start sending beautiful professional invoices. With minimal typing, they always look great, are mobile and tablet ready and automatically calculate sales TAX, GST and VAT.

Get paid in minutes

A truly automated payment platform. Just convert a proposal or job sheet into an Invoice, click send and we do the rest. Our AI Bot sends your invoice and collects payment from your customer online. Plus if they fail to pay we chase payment for you until they do. Beautiful and simple.

Online payment with Stripe and Braintree

Get set-up with an online payment solution and accept card payments safely in hundreds of currencies and countries all over the world. Collect full-payment, deposits and part payments.

Charge the right Sales TAX, VAT or GST.

Easily set-up country, state, product and customer Tax rules.

Easily log manual payments and cash

Manually log cash payments as well as card, cheque and bank transfers.

Know when invoices are viewed and paid

We notify you the second they open, read and pay your invoice.
Get paid faster

It's never been easier to manange your small manufacturing business

The fastest, rock-solid manufacturing software in the world.

best free software for job shops

Stay in sync

Get a quick overview of what's happening. See when a colleague logs a call or sends a proposal. Get real-time notifications when customers open emails, place orders pay invoices and catch-up on things you missed when you were away.

Centralize everything

Collect and store more information about customers and projects. Upload files, post notes, set tasks, send emails and create documents. Reduce the guesswork and searching with a centralized in the cloud platform.

More business, less time

From contact to close, cut the energy it takes to pass leads through the pipeline with the best sales productivity tools to help you and your team be more productive.
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